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Holly Friesen on March 10, 2011

The name of my church is Skeenia «Скиния» - which means Tabernacle.

This church grew out of a Bible study that started in a Christian bookstore downtown. It is still held in the bookstore, although it is generally filled to capacity on Sunday mornings and we are praying for a larger place of our own to meet. The last couple of weeks I have attended the Wednesday evening Bible study on the book of Acts led by my ABWE team-mate Ted Welch. Wenesday Bible StudyWenesday Bible StudyWe have enjoyed some lively discussions! You can tell from the picture that we are meeting in a bookstore. On Sundays the bookshelves are closed – which is probably a very good thing. Even if they are in Russian I find shelves full of books to be very distracting! J

The lady at the far end of the table in the black sweater is an artist. Recently she has been doing pencil drawings of people at church. It only takes her about 5 minutes to do it. Here is the drawing she did of me. I hope that someday I will get the chance to see more of her work.

Pastor Peter was the original pastor of this church. He later moved on to start another church, but has continued to be involved and to mentor our current leaders Oleg & Misha. Pastor Peter is currently in very poor health due to an abdominal tumor. I know he would appreciate your prayers for him and his family. He daily lives with a great deal of pain & is currently in Kiev looking in to more treatment options.

This picture was taking during a sermon that Oleg gave regarding following Jesus example of servant hood. Misha & OlegMisha & OlegOleg & his wife Lena have a passion for missions and recently made a trip to the country of Georgia to teach at a Bible institute there. He is making plans for another trip in May. He has also been involved in the organization of conferences to promote missions here in Ukraine and in his last sermon challenged the people of our church to consider how the Lord might desire them to be involved in missions.

Oleg & Misha are both currently being considered for ordination. Misha and his wife Anya are expecting their first baby this month. I know they would appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and uncomplicated delivery. Misha has a great passion for the lost. In addition to his ministry in the church he takes part in a prison ministry each Saturday. He & his wife are currently leading the youth ministry and have asked me to assist them. Pray that we will have wisdom in effectively ministering to the young people in our church and to the ones in our community that we would like to reach out to.