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What's in a Name?

Holly Friesen on February 17, 2011

What's in a name? Well…that depends! Right now our Pro-Life ministry steering committee is working on a name for our organization and future pregnancy care center. There are many things to consider as we contemplate the image we want to project to the community. Pray that God will give us wisdom in choosing a name that will reflect who were are, but will also be a drawing point for those we hope to minister to.

This is just one aspect of the task currently facing our steering committee. We have set the goal of being ready to open a center in the fall of 2012. While that may seem like a long ways off, it seems much closer when we get down to the nitty gritty of planning all the things that need to take place before then. We need wisdom as we look into a location, prepare to register the organization as a non-profit, transition from a steering committee to a board of directors, and plan for volunteer recruitment and training. Our desire is that this ministry would be an arm of the church and not an independently functioning entity. This means that we also have to give attention to how to keep the church leaders informed and when and how to get the churches involved in the different aspects of the preparation. At times I look at the task before us and it seems overwhelming, but when I look at what God has already done in burdening hearts for this ministry, I can’t help but believe that He will bring it to pass! One huge evidence that God is at work is the steering committee he has brought together. Our committee currently consists of 4 missionaries (including Dr. Miriam & myself), 2 local pastors, a gynecologist (MK married to a Ukrainian), a lawyer, a magazine editor, a former women’s ministries director for an area association of churches, and a seminary professor’s wife who is also an excellent translator. The time that these busy people are willing to invest in monthly meetings and planning is evidence to the burden they have for this ministry.

Thank you for praying for us as we seek to lay the foundation for this important ministry!