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Thanksgiving + a little Christmas!

Holly Friesen on December 3, 2010


I love this time of year! I love the pretty decorations, the good food, the music, the gifts (giving & receiving!)…. I like how as Americans our holiday season starts off with Thanksgiving – a day set aside to reflect on all God’s blessing and to thank Him for them. I think it is a fitting way to begin a month centered on the celebration of God’s greatest gift to the world – His Son! I know it is easy to get lost in all the busyness and trappings of the season but my desire is that all the special decorations, activities, and gifts really will serve to remind me of the wonder of Emmanuel – God with Us!

I had Taylor & Suko kids – plus my friend Olya’s two children over to help me decorate my Christmas tree. While I find that I do miss my family more during the holidays, I enjoy getting to be “aunt Holly” to the MK’s here! I know I enjoyed having a houseful of energetic young people, eating homemade pizza, decorating the tree, and then watching “The Nativity”. It was a great way to kick of the Christmas season!

I thought I would share with you some of the things I listed in my journal on Thanksgiving Day that I am thankful for.

~ God pursuing me & bringing me to salvation
~ My position IN Christ
~ God’s unconditional love

~ God’s continued work in my life
~ That God allows me to serve Him
~ godly, loving parents
~ siblings who love & serve God
~ godly Grandparents
~ Uncles, Aunts, & cousins who share my faith
~ friends who exhort & encourage me
~ prayer warriors who pray for me
~ great co-workers
~ Ukrainian friends
~ Peruvian friends who continue to encourage & pray for me
~ people willing to financially support my ministry
~ good health
~ internet :-)
~ my Bible
~ music
~ good books
~ my apartment
~ my sending church
~ the Hills – my adopted Grandparents! :-)
~ my Russian teacher ( I love her!)

Of course the list could go on and on. I truly am blessed!