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Weekend Blessings!

Holly Friesen on November 21, 2010

 Saturday morning Miriam & I headed to Limaniy for their church service. This is a church plant where Miriam holds monthly clinics. It was started by a church in Odessa & each weekend Pastor Anatoly & his wife Alla and often a few others from the church travel almost 3 hours to minister there. They have a Friday afternoon Bible study with the believers there, spend the night and have a Saturday morning church service and Sunday school. Then they head back to Odessa to minister in their church on Sunday. They spend the remainder of their time while they are in Limaniy working on the building God has provided for the church. They have made great progress on the building but there is still a lot of work to be done. We are praying that God will provide a sister church for them that could help with the finances needed to complete the building & help pay the weekly travel expenses. Pastor Anatoly & his wife are true evangelists! It was so neat to hear them talk about the ministry & to see their heart for the lost in Limaniy & neighboring villages. Speaking of neighboring villages – Pastor Anatoly was excited to tell us that he had the chance to speak to the mayor of a neighboring village for almost an hour. He had heard about the medical clinics and was curious about what was going on there. Anatoly said that the visit was very positive and in the end he said that the church could use the village “club” for a Christmas program! Pastor Anatoly's desire is to start a church plant in that village as well! I enjoyed getting to hear him preach, to hear the church members pray (especially for their unsaved loved ones), and to be able to participate in the service (Miriam & I each gave our testimony & we sang a duet). One of the biggest blessings of the day was the salvation of one of the ladies that attended the service! Today (Sunday) I had the chance to visit three other villages where we have monthly clinics. I went to church with Miriam in Krasnosyolka and then went with her & some young people from the church to the afternoon services in Kubanka & Shamanovka. In Kubanka they are teaching the Story of Hope – a chronological evangelistic Bible study developed by ABWE missionaries & recently translated into Russian. Miriam taught the study today & it was neat to see the interest & participation of the ladies. 

This little gal is paying attention too – she could tell us the story that went with each of the pictures for the lessons covered so far!

So…I am heading into this Thanksgiving week with a heart that is grateful for the work that God is doing in the villages around Odessa and the small part that I get to have in that work!