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He Restoreth my Soul....

Holly Friesen on October 27, 2010

 After spending a week in Greece for our regional conference that is how I feel. View from my roomView from my roomOh sure the sunshine, beach, great food, and chance to see ruins of one of the places where the apostle Paul likely preached were wonderful. But those things pale in comparison to the spiritual refreshment that I received this past week. Our times of worshiping together in song were the highlight of my week. I did not realize how much I had missed singing some of my favorite songs in English & it literally brought tears to my eyes many times. The team that came to lead our times of worship through music was a huge blessing to me as well. They took the time to listen to me share about life in Ukraine, the ups as well as the downs, and to pray with me – their ministry up front was made even more powerful by their loving ministry to me on a personal level. My heart was also refreshed and challenged by the great preaching. I am beginning to understand more of the sermons here in Ukraine – but church is still more of a lesson in Russian than it is a challenge to my heart on a spiritual level. Last week in Greece we were encouraged, exhorted, and challenged in a number of different areas by the speakers. (I have decided that I need to make listening to sermons online a more regular part of my week – I have a few favorite sites but would love to hear if you have some of your own). It was also fun to get to know more of my team- mates in this part of the world and to hear how the Lord is using them. It is encouraging to visit with people who have walked this way before and can bear testimony to God’s faithfulness and goodness. It is also exciting to hear of all the great things God is doing in this part of the world. Our theme for the week was Poised to Soar and I certainly came away feeling like I have a bit more wind in my sails! J I appreciate those who made it possible for me to attend the conference and am so thankful for the way that the Lord continues to lavish His love on me, restore my soul & draw me to Himself.