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a few of my favorite things.....

Holly Friesen on October 13, 2010

Three weeks at home provided multiple daily doses of many of my favorite things! These are a few…


Top of the list are hugs from my Mom & Dad although hugs from my sisters & “little” brother are right up there. Some of the most precious hugs were from my favorite little niece & nephew
– I love those 2 soooo much!!!!

It was extra special to get to hug my Grandma and I was so excited that I got to hug Aunt Joni & Elizabeth too!


Pumpkin spice latte!!!  So yummy! & There was the chocolate truffle and French vanilla that my sister brewed most mornings & there were the hours spent with my sisters in coffee shops. …and you can’t beat morning coffee & a chat with Dad before the rest of the house wakes up!


I have never seen Rachel so happy!!!! There is not a doubt in my mind that Bobby is the man God prepared just for her & their wedding was such a meaningful, happy, special day! 

Along with this theme…a few other favorite things…decorating the church, the vehicles J (thx for allowing us that privilege Bobby!), presents, shopping,…all that fun stuff that goes with a wedding…


While Ukraine had its first real cold snap I got to enjoy a few more days of sunshine & flip flops J


Getting our family together always means lots of laughing
…especially after Aletha arrives!
 ...and then there is Owan – you never know what is going to come out of his mouth!

also enjoyed healthy doses of…

ice cream (my sister even made me some homemade ice cream!), cold cereal (especially Lucky Charms!), play time with Cassidy & Owan, jewelry (I like having a sister that sells jewelry!), shopping….

.....All these special little gifts from God were refreshing to my soul!