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Distracting “Stuff”

Holly Friesen on August 13, 2010

Have you ever noticed that the more “stuff” you have the less time you have and the more distracted you are? Now that I have my own apartment I find thoughts of where I could put that piece of furniture, what else I need to buy, where I could hang a picture….filling my mind when I really should be concentrating on things like Russian grammar, vocabulary, & pronunciation. Shopping for more “stuff” for the apartment is much more appealing than working on homework.

A more serious problem is when “stuff” distracts me from my relationship with God & my service to Him. We need a certain amount of “stuff” to live & minister but our “stuff” shouldn’t get in the way of our real purpose for being where we are. This can be a problem wherever I am living or whatever stage of life I am in. My current battle to not lose my focus in my Russian studies has reminded me that I must be diligent in guarding my relationship with the Lord from the distractions of “stuff”.

I am trying to get back into the groove of regular Russian study after a crazy month filled with moving, camp, and a dental team. There is still quite a bit of work to do to get completely settled in to my apartment, but all of the essentials are in place. I love the place God has provided for me. It is my desire that my “stuff” will be used to glorify God and minister to people and will not distract me from the real reason I am here. Speaking of which- I have a guest room now that I hope gets lots of use! I have already hosted my 1st group of overnight guests and have more coming in September.

Pray that my “stuff” (or current lack thereof) will not distract me from keeping my nose to the grindstone when it comes to Russian study – or more importantly making time to cultivate my relationship with the Lord.
Pray that God will allow me to keep an eternal perspective on all my “stuff” – that I won’t value it too highly but that I will generously use it to minister to others and glorify Him!

Please feel free to come and visit!