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Holly Friesen on July 26, 2010

 This past week of camp was a bit like wilderness camp at Whispering Winds Bible Camp but with not quite as nice of an outhouse and without a doubt more mosquitoes!!! I must say though that being within walking distance of the sea was definitely a plus! I loved the chance to spend more time with the boys from the boys home as well as meet kids from the other churches that camp. I also enjoyed getting to know the team of young people that camp from Colorado to help with the camp. Pictures tell the story much better than words – so here are a few to give you a glimpse of camp. I will try to get more posted soon.

We had a stormy night early in the week that blew over a few tents and our dining area. Overall though, the camp fared quite well considering the high winds. We also experienced another kind of storm when one of the boys decided to run away from the camp in the early morning hours on Saturday. Praise the Lord he was found not too far from camp, although this brought camp to an end for the boys from the home a day early as they were all taken back.  We do praise the Lord that we were able to take the Colorado team to the home on Sunday so that they could say good-bye to the boys. As of now it looks like the incident will not impact the weekly ministry in the home although it may prevent the boys being able to attend future camps. I am glad our God is in control of every kind of storm. We can be sure that if there is opposition he is at work!

Pray that God will continue to use the truths that were taught to minister to these boys and to draw them to Himself.