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Holly Friesen on July 15, 2010

Wow! we are only halfway through the month of July and so much has already happened! It has not been without its challenges but it has also brought some special blessings. 
The month started out with a fun 4th of July celebration with fellow Odessa missionaries. It was a great time of fun & fellowship with the larger missionary community. In true missionary fashion we also had representatives from Canada, South Africa, and Ukraine. Some of them did amazingly well at U.S. trivia! We even enjoyed an impromptu barber shop style rendition of the 'Grand Old Flag'.
Another special event this month was the wedding of my friends Oleg & Lena. Oleg heads up the ministry to the boys home and they had the boys from the home do the music for the ceremony. They did a wonderful job! Even though I could not understand much of what went on it was very obvious that the desire of this couple was to serve the Lord together. Weddings here also include a time where people can share with the couple - either a speech, special music, etc... This time also gave evidence to the many lives that have already been touched by this couple. I am sure that God is going to continue to use them in amazing ways and am excited that I have the privilege of partnering with them!

This past week has been consumed mostly with getting moved into my own apartment. The Suko's (whose apartment I was staying in) are returning from furlough - which we are very excited about! This means not only moving all the things that I brought with me, but purchasing, beds, a refrigerator, a couch, a table, a microwave (can't live without one of those!)...not to mention all the little things like trash cans, sheets, a mop & bucket (very essential!), etc. etc. etc. There have been times where the process was very fun & times when it was very frustrating. I would be in sorry shape indeed if it were not for my great team-mates - Miriam & the Taylors - helping me out with some of my shopping and just being there to encourage me through the process. A small example of the frustrations: I bought sheets that according to the package were the measurements of my bed - only to discover that the numbers on the package were the measurement for the sheets so they exactly covered the top of my mattress without hanging over the sides at all! Looking for dishes I liked was also a challenge - I would find a pattern I liked and ask about it and the typical response would be I only have 4 plates, etc in that pattern or we only have dinner plates & no bowls, etc.
On the upside - I was about to purchase a table and a friend recommended we look at one more store. I found a table there that I liked much better and it was even less expensive! Back to the dishes - I visited a shop in the morning & found a set I liked and took Miriam back to see if she could help me ask about ordering more than the 4 that were in the shop! In the hours since my first visit they had added a new display with a set I liked even better and they had plenty of it!

There is more fun yet to be had in the month of July as I head to camp on Sunday and then host my first guests in my new apartment. I will keep my camera handy! Making it Home! :-)Making it Home! :-)