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Holly Friesen on June 14, 2010

This is a little after the fact, but I did not want to miss the chance to tell you about the other clinic that I was able to help with earlier this month in the village of Makarovo.Makarovo prayer houseMakarovo prayer house This village is a couple of hours from Odessa and has a fairly well established work. They have their own prayer house (church building), and this past year Vlodya was ordained as the pastor. This village is involved in outreaches to the villages of Valentinovka and Berdinovo where we also hold clinics and has also been involved in the planting of the church in Sahanskoye. Pastor Vlodya and his wife Maya have a lot on their plate as the care for the church & village outreaches in addition to full time farming.Pastor Vlodya & MayaPastor Vlodya & Maya I know they would appreciate your prayers for their crops this year. There was a severe drought a few years back that was a real blow to them financially. Some recent health issues have added further to the financial burden. The Lord provided for our team to help them with some of the cost of buying seed this spring and we are praying that the Lord will bless them with an abundant harvest!

We enjoyed some of the bounty from their farm around the lunch table that day. I didn’t think to get out my camera until the end of the meal – but the pictures can still give you a glimpse of what the meal was like.
We had homemade pelmeni, which is a thin dumpling type dough stuffed with meat. It takes a lot of work to make these so that was a very special treat. They have an abundance of fresh eggs right now. Not only did we enjoy them at lunch, but we also bought some from Maya to take home with us and I had a patient give me some to show her thanks for our care. I have certainly been enjoying them! Our delicious dinner also included new potatoes, fresh salad, soup & bread.

I enjoyed the chance to get to know Pastor Vlodya & Maya a bit and look forward to getting to know them better in the future. Pray that God would give them wisdom and strength for their ministry and would raise up more leaders within the church that could be involved in the outreaches in the other villages. Right now he is unable to get out to Valentinovka and Berdinovo as often as he would like but there are definitely open doors in these villages. God has even provided a prayer house for the believers in Valentinvka but they have not yet been able to start regular Sunday services.

Miriam visiting with Pastor VlodyaMiriam visiting with Pastor Vlodya