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Worth it all!

Holly Friesen on June 8, 2010

 I was not able to have Russian class today because my tutor had family arriving from out of town. So I made plans to help Miriam with the clinic that is held in our part of Odessa once a month. Even when things don’t go quite as planned it is encouraging to see God’s hand in orchestrating events. Miriam ended up having vertigo today so I was the only provider at the clinic. It made for a challenging day but I am thankful that God had already arranged my schedule so that I could do it.

My first patient of the day was Irina. It was her first time to come to one of our clinics. As she was telling me about her health concerns she began to cry and said that she thinks God is punishing her because of all of her sins. She is in her late 70’s and has spent her whole life as a performer. She said that she had participated in performances that did not honor God and that she had also had an abortion. She listened as my translator and I shared with her the great love that God has for her – a love so great that He allowed His only Son to die to bear the punishment for her sins. We shared with her that He offers her complete forgiveness if she will only ask for it. She listened and thanked us for sharing and said that she would like to visit the church. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue His work in her heart and that she would come to experience God’s forgiveness and love for her.

At one point as she was sharing her heart she said – “I wish we could talk without a translator”. God has given me a great translator and she was a wonderful help in sharing God’s love with Irina today. But I too look forward to the day when I can speak with my patients in their heart language without having to go through a translator. What a great motivation to continue to study hard!