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Glimpses of May

Holly Friesen on May 18, 2010

The first week of May here in Ukraine is time to get out your picnic gear & maybe fire up the grill. May 1st is Labor Day and May 9th is Victory Day celebrating the end of WWII. During the course of that week I enjoyed two picnics – the first with the young people from the small group that I participate in at church and the second being an all church event. We enjoyed beautiful sunshiny days outdoors – volleyball and fellowship. With the young people I enjoyed my first taste of shashlik – quite tasty!!!

Shashlik is meat - usually chicken or pork that is marinated and grilled.


One of the guys brought his BB gun and they let me shoot it. When I shot a pine cone out of the tree they asked me if I was aiming for it! uh...YES!!!! :-)

I also had the chance to help with the Krasnosyolka clinic this month. I enjoyed making some house calls and getting the chance to see all the lilacs, apple blossoms, chestnut tree blossoms, tulips, iris…you get the picture! I just love spring!

Also saw a funeral procession. It is always sobering to see those who sorrow without hope. May the Lord increase our passion to spread the Good News!