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Good Soil Project

Holly Friesen on May 16, 2010

The purpose of this post is to give you a glimpse of another exciting thing going on here in Ukraine and to give you the opportunity to participate in it through your prayers and/ or financial support. Below is a letter from my team leader:

The Church is the Body of Christ and it is God's chosen means to communicate the message of the Gospel to today's world. Our team believes this so wholeheartedly that we have chosen to focus our ministry in Ukraine on the strengthening and multiplication of the local church. One of the greatest needs we have identified in the past few years is the need for effective evangelistic and discipleship tools that are solidly based on God's Word and will help local churches grow both numerically and spiritually.

Our ABWE team has been working hard to meet this need over the past couple of years. We are now at the culmination of this project. “The Story of Hope” and “The Way to Joy” are two tools created by ABWE to specifically help the local church with evangelism and discipleship. 10,000 copies of “The Way to Joy” have already been printed and are ready for distribution. “The Story of Hope” is in the final stages of editing. However we do not want to distribute these books without training our national partners on how to use them. The Church Ministries Institute (CMI) is planning to conduct a Pastors Conference September 7-9, 2010 which will provide the first round of training for our pastors.

We estimate that the printing of 10,000 copies of "The Story of Hope" will cost around $6,000 and the Pastors Conference around $3,000. We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider assisting local churches in Ukraine through a donation towards the printing of "The Story of Hope" and the training of pastors to use these tools. 

If you would like to learn more about the Good Soil Project developed by ABWE, you can visit their website: www.goodsoil.com 

I have personally used the Way to Joy in some discipleship Bible studies while I was in the States and am excited about having this material available for the ministry here. Not only would we like to see it used to evangelize and disciple in the village medical clinic ministry, but if the Lord should allow us to begin a pregnancy care center ministry here, this would be excellent material to use for follow up with clients who show an interest in spiritual things. If you would like to know more about it or how you can participate in the project please contact me! esperanza@abwe.cc