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“Well we want to get started before the Lord comes back!”

Holly Friesen on May 7, 2010

This was the response from one of the pastors to our tentative timeline for the starting of a Pregnancy Care Center here in Odessa. This was of course spoken in jest so you can ignore the theological implications of that statement – however, it does express the excitement that was present in the room today as we presented our desire to see this type of ministry started here.

From the time I first began to consider full time ministry in Ukraine, I had a burden to see a pro-life ministry established in Odessa. I fully expected to spend my first couple of years here making contacts, doing research, and laying the foundation for presenting the idea of a Pregnancy Care Center. But…people have been praying and God has been working! Within the first few months after I arrived He brought me into contact with a couple of missionaries from SEND International who also shared my burden. They also had contacts within some of the churches who had expressed interest. Not to bore you with details…these contact brought us (Miriam, Susanna {SEND missionary}, & I) to the point of meeting today with several pastors and church leaders. Our goal today was to present the concept of a center and to gain their support to move forward with plans to establish one here. I shared with them from my experience with this type of ministry in Peru and Miriam presented the steps that we felt should be taken if they were interested in seeing this type of ministry started.  Again, my expectation was that we would have some convincing to do. Quite the contrary! We practically had to convince them not to try to open a center next week! God has obviously been preparing hearts. You can pray now that we will have wisdom in knowing how to channel the excitement and keep the momentum going while at the same time taking the proper steps to make sure this ministry has a great foundation. Our first steps will include researching available resources in our area, what is already being done in our city and the rest of the Russian speaking world,etc. Lord willing in the not too distant future (fall?) we will be forming a board of directors. God is at work and it is exciting to get to be a part! PLEASE PRAY for great wisdom for all involved as we move forward!