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Holly Friesen on March 23, 2010

This past Friday I had the chance to again take a break from language study and help with a clinic in the village of Limaniy. The work in Limaniy is an outreach of the Philadelphia Church here in Odessa. Pastor Anatoliy and other members of the church go down every Friday to do visiting and hold a service. The Lord has provided a building for them where they hold services and Sunday school, and that is where we see patients. If you want to see a video clip of an interview with Pastor Anatoliy, check out this link to my team leader’s vimeo site http://vimeo.com/7892800. This work has not been without opposition. Rumors flew when the clinics first started, with people saying that we would be getting people hooked on narcotics (we don’t even give out narcotics). Consequently it is still not one of the busier clinics. I was able to make some home visits with Pastor Anatoliy. The first lady we saw had the main complaint of “nerve attacks” and not being able to sleep. We were able to visit with her about how she could find rest in the Lord and Pastor Anatoliy shared the gospel with her. She promised to read her Bible and visit the church sometime. Doing home visits also give me a chance to see more of the village – check out my village photo album for more pictures. The village homes are generally so much more colorful than the drab Odessa apartment buildings. I got to hold a newborn lamb too – sure sign of spring! You can pray that God would soften hearts in the village of Limaniy and give wisdom to Pastor Anatoliy and the others from his church as they minister there.