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Holly Friesen on March 1, 2010

This post is somewhat belated do to the fact that my boxes arrived last week & I have been enjoying opening and organizing their contents. Another contributing factor was spending all day Saturday goofing off! – I had a great time exploring more of Odessa with some MK’s and the Curby’s visiting from Hungary. I got some great pictures that I hope to post later this week.

I did not want to miss the chance, however, to fill you in on the clinic that I was able to help with last week. It was actually my first time to go to a village without Dr. Miriam! She had a 6 day bout of her vertigo and asked me if I would cover the clinic in Valentinovka for her since she only goes there every other month. I was glad to have the security of cell phone contact for my first solo venture although I did not have to use it! I felt a bit sorry for the clinic staff because I definitely am not as fast as Miriam yet at seeing patients. I am confident I am slower than her anyway and when you add to that the fact that I am seeing patients through a translator it makes for a longer clinic day. I did manage to see 20 patients (plus give advice on a number of their family members) in the space of about 5 ½ hours which I think is a record for me! All in all it was a very exhausting but rewarding day! I feel like it is all I can do to keep up with caring for medical needs at this point and I do not have much time to visit with people about spiritual things. But, I trust that I can help to open doors for those working in that village and for future visits with Miriam or myself. I did have the chance to talk briefly with one woman about the fact that she can find help for her anxiety and fears in the Lord and gave her a booklet about worry that includes a gospel presentation.

The work in Valentinovka is an outreach of the Makarva church just up the road. There are several believers in the village that sometimes attend the services in Makarva, but at this point there is not a regular outreach there. You can pray that the leaders in Makarva would have the time and resources to begin a regular outreach there. Even though Makarva is not that far away, people just do not travel much between the villages especially in the winter. We hold the clinic in the community building that also houses a small library and clinic. There is a nurse who runs the clinic there and she has been very willing to work with us. She has shown some interest in spiritual things. You can pray that our relationship with her would lead to her salvation.

I was too busy to get many pictures, but these are some that I took of the front of the community building. Do you recognize this man?

This statue is also in front of the building. They told me it is a memorial to those who died in the war. It is a mother mourning for her son.