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Holly Friesen on February 16, 2010

Last week I had the chance to help Dr. Miriam with a clinic in Kubanka. I was very ready to set aside “formal” Russian study for a day, although the learning definitely never stops. I enjoyed having a few more words under my belt this time that I could use with my patients but am also very thankful for my translator Luba. I was able to see patients at the prayer house where Sunday School and a Sunday afternoon church service are held each week. The work in Kubanka is an outreach of the church in Krasnasylka where we also have a clinic site. While I was seeing patients there, Miriam and Pastor Lonya were able to make some house calls. There are always patients that are unable to make it to the clinic because they are in such poor health. Miriam will often make some quick home visits at the end of a clinic day but there is rarely enough time to do much more than refill medications. Since I was there seeing patients, she was able to take the time to do a full check up and she and Pastor Lonya were also able to take the time to speak with some of the patients about spiritual things. What a blessing to hear that two long time patients came to the point of decision during their visit and prayed to accept Christ! You can pray for God’s continued working in their hearts and for spiritual growth. It was so exciting to have a small part in what God is doing in Kubanka, and it made me very anxious for the day when I can do this full time! It definitely illustrated the benefit of having two providers working together! My last patients of the day were the kids that had just gotten out of school. Some of them were really sick & some of them I think just wanted the chance for some individual attention. I really enjoyed seeing them! Some of the kids that regularly attend the Sunday School hung around until we packed up the clinic. That also made me anxious for the day when I can adequately communicate with them, so….back to the books I go…..