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Slush - Snow - Sights - Studies

Holly Friesen on February 2, 2010

Living in Kansas & South Dakota I have often heard it said that if you don't like the weather you should just stick around for a day (or maybe 5 minutes) and it will change. Well, evidently the same is true in Odessa. Last week we experienced temps below zero for most of the week. While this is not anything I have not experienced before, the inside temps were a new experience. The government controls the heating systems in the apartment buildings so they decide how much heat we need. I woke up several mornings with the INSIDE temperature at 60F! I was grateful for the electric heater in my room and the extra blankets on my bed - but it sure made it hard to get OUT of the bed!!! However- this past weekend it warmed up enough to turn all of the snow into slush and produce mud and puddles. We even got a bit of rain on Sunday to make sure things stayed good and wet. While it is definately a challenge to avoid the mud and huge puddles on the poorly drained roads and sidewalks, at this point I think I still prefer the warmer weather! Ironically, along with the warmer weather the temperature in my apartment has also been in the upper 60's!
Last night the weather changed again & brought us a beautiful snow. I spent the evening at Dr. Miriams and enjoyed walking home with the big fluffly flakes falling all around me and covering all the mud and slush in perfect whiteness. Today the sun came out making the snow sparkle and making my walk to and from my Russian lesson most enjoyable! Speaking of transportation I can take a bus or an electric tram but if it is not too cold & I don't have to go too far to go - walking is still my favorite means of transportation. I enjoy all the unique things I see along the way that remind me "I'm not in Kansas anymore!" :-) I am working on adding more pictures to my album...

I have increased my hours with my Russian tutor to two hours daily. I spend a couple of hours with her in the morning and then spend most of the afternoon working on my homework and vocabulary. I really enjoy my teacher! She has been tutoring our missionaries since ABWE first arrived in the country and was saved through their ministry. Before that she was a professor at a university and taught Russian to exchange students so she knows her stuff! You can pray that I will be able to hear & repeat the sounds correctly and that I will not be afraid to try the words I know when I have the opportunity.