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Work at Women's Center

Holly Friesen on May 6, 2014

sorting Sorting donated clothing

Today a group of volunteers met to organize donated baby items for the Women's Center. They joyfully sorted through donations gathered by people here in Odessa as well as items that were sent from the states. When they finished one of the ladies said we need to thank the Lord for sending us these items and for the people who gave them. They were especially excited about the handmade baby blankets that churches and individuals in the U.S. had sent and wanted to be sure that those churches knew we were grateful. If you would like to know more about how to help stock our center with needed items, you can e-mail Holly at esperanza@abwe.cc.

Praise the Lord for these ladies who are willing to regularly give of their time to help keep our donations organized. We are also praising the Lord for Natasha who has agreed to head up this team of ladies. 

DSCN6717 cleaning the center

We have a couple of ladies who have agreed to give time weekly to help keep our center clean and to keep the front looking nice. They were also at the center working today.

In spite of the uncertainty in their country and unrest in their city these ladies are comitted to serving the Lord in this ministry. Praise the Lord for their willingness and joyful spirits!

Pray that we will have wisdom as we continue to train volunteers and organize the functioning of the center. Pray for peace in Ukraine and Odessa that will allow us to continue to move forward in this important ministry.

outside working in front of the center