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Women's Center Open House

Holly Friesen on April 1, 2014

686 (7) steering committee member Regina and her mom did a wonderful job with refreshments

While this report is a bit delayed, I would be remiss not to share with you some of the March events in Odessa.

On March 8th we had an open house for the Women's Center. This was a chance for volunteers to bring their friends and family to see the center and also a chance for pastors and others who have supported us in this process to come and see what we are doing. We began the day with a short service of dedication attended by our steering committee, some of our post abortion ministry leaders, and some pastors. It was a special time of rejoicing in all that God has done and in asking for His blessing on the future of this ministry. We spent the rest of the day giving tours of the center to those who came to see it. It was a blessing to see their excitement over what God has done already and to be assured of their prayers for this minsitry.


The days preceeding the opening were full of activity as we worked to get the center ready. God has been good to send us just the right people to help with different aspects of the preparations. We are thankful for each person who had a part in getting the center set up.

center prep

We will continue to work on the training of our volunteers, especially those who will be involved in counselling. We will open the center to the public and begin advertising when we are able to complete their training. Please continue to pray for this process of preparation.