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Prayer House for Valentinovka

Holly Friesen on September 12, 2013

Valentinovka Lenin statue in front of Valentinovka Club

This past Tuesday I enjoyed seeing patients in Valentinovka. This is a small village that has just a few believers. These believers attend the church in the neighboring village of Makarovo when they are able. Pastor Volodya from Makarovo has held Bible studies there at different times and the Makarovo church has done outreach there. We have been holding clinic there every other month for several years as an evangelistic outreach. 

Initially the clinic and any other outreach was held in the village club. Then for awhile a family let us use a home that was sitting empty. But that family has since decided to sell the home and we are back to seeing patients in the club. The club is a large, drafty, thick block walled building that was chilly on an early September day. We would love to be back into a house before winter, since it would be much easier to heat. Pastor Volodya has been looking for a house in the village that we could buy to use as a prayer house. God has provided funds towards the purchase of a house, and there have been houses that would have worked for us but the owners refused to sell to evangelicals. Fears & suspicions  that the evangelicals are some kind of cult and pressure from the orthodox priests & others in the community have a great impact on ministry in the villages of Ukraine. Would you pray for the work in Valentinovka? Pray that if it is God's will He will provide a house that could be used for a ministry base there. Pray that God would work in the hearts of the clinic patients who have heard the gospel, and that God would give Pastor Volodya and the other believers wisdom in contnuing to reach out to people in this village.

Valentinovka Easter Service Easter Outreach in Valentinovka
Valentinovka Easter Service Pastor Volodya preaching in Valentinovka