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Church Presentations

Holly Friesen on September 9, 2013

DSCN6047 Ira & Lena - Steering Committee members who were involved in Sunday's presentation

Sunday we had our first church presentation for Choose Life at Tabernacle Baptist Church in downtown Odessa. Our video and power point were finished at the last minute - but praise the Lord they both turned out well. Our ladies did a good job of representing the ministry and there was a good response. It is a small church, but we had 3 people express interest in being volunteers who took applications on Sunday.

Pray for Miriam as she works on getting us into different churches every sunday over the next couple of months. Pray for those who will be giving the presentations each week. We have several ladies from our steering committee who are taking turns doing the speaking and we are hoping to have several committee members at each service to visit with people afterwards. Pray that hearts will be touched as they see the presentations and that they will desire to get involved.