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Invitation to Prayer

Holly Friesen on September 5, 2013

This Sunday September 8 members of our Choose Life Steering Committee will be presenting our ministry plans in my church in downtown Odessa. We are planning to present in a number of other Odessa churches throughout this fall. Our desire is to gather prayer support and to recruit volunteers for the pregnancy care center we hope to open in March of next year. We need you to pray with us that these presentations will be effective and that God would burden people to partner with us in this ministry.

The next several months will be crucial in laying a good foundation for this ministry. In addition to the presentations in churches, we will be working on locating an office and putting together our plan for how the office will function. We will also be processing volunteer applications and interviewing potential volunteers. Carolyn & Beverly will be preparing to come from Grand Rapids, MI to facilitate our first volunteer training in Feb. We are also working on finishing up our registration with the government and learning what we need to do to comply with the laws of Ukraine for this type of organization. In addition to these things the post abortion ministry will be continuing with several groups this fall.

We have seen God work in incredible ways to bring us to this point, but we also have a deep sense of our need for Him as we move through these crucial days. I would like to invite you to partner regularly with us in prayer over the next 7 months as we prepare for the opening of our center. Would you be willing to pray daily for us during this time? I have prepared a list to help you pray specifically if you would like to join us in this challenge. I will post updates to the blog and a revised list as needed as we move forward with our plans. If you are willing to commit to praying for this ministry daily would you let us know? You can let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail at esperanza@abwe.cc. I know it will be an encouragement to our committee members to know that others are faithfully praying for us.


Prayer Guide for the ministry of Choose Life in Odessa, Ukraine

Sunday: Pray for the presentations in the Odessa churches. Pray that we will be able to effectively communicate our vision and that people will desire to be involved through prayer, giving, and volunteering.

Monday: Pray for our Steering Committee. Pray for unity and wisdom as we make decisions. Pray for Miriam as she leads the committee. Pray that we would be able to understand and comply with all the legal guidelines for this type of ministry in Ukraine.

Tuesday: Pray for our future volunteers. Pray for at least 25 volunteers to take part in our first training. Pray that God would be preparing their hearts to be effective in this ministry and that God would be growing their passion for reaching out to their community in this way. Pray that we will have wisdom as we process applications and interview potential volunteers. Pray for Carolyn and Beverly as they prepare to come lead our first volunteer training. Pray that we will have wisdom in knowing how to help them adapt to the cultural differences and that the training will be effective.

Wednesday: Pray for the location of a facility for our center. Pray that we will have wisdom as we look at our options and that God will provide a location with good visibility and accessibility at a good rental price. Pray that when the time is right to buy a facility that God will also make that clear and provide us with the right place.

Thursday: Pray for Holly as she takes on the role of center director. Pray for wisdom & discernment in developing the plan for how the center will function and for developing relationships with the volunteers. Pray for the future Ukrainian director.

Friday: Pray for our clients. Pray that we will be able to advertise effectively in order to attract those women and families who may be considering abortion. Pray that God will bring women and families to us that are ready to hear and respond to the gospel.

Saturday: Pray for the ongoing post abortion ministry. Pray for the leaders who will be leading groups this fall as they prepare their lessons and minister to the needs of the women in their groups. Pray for God to work mightily in the hearts of the women who take part in the groups this fall.