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Prayer Warriors

Holly Friesen on April 9, 2013


One of the blessings of home ministry is the reassurance you receive that people are regularly praying for you. I have enjoyed watching families I stay with pray together, choosing a missionary card each day to pray for and seeing my card in the stack. It is good to see my letters hanging in churches and to have people tell me they enjoy reading them and praying for me. It is especially encouraging when people ask me about certain things I have mentioned in my letters because they are still praying about them. 



I had the privilege of visiting with one of my most faithful prayer warriors this past week. Mary Krebs prays every day for me and a long list of other people and ministries. She reads all of the letters I send. I know, because every time I see her she will ask me about things I have talked about in my letters.

She is nearly deaf, has vision problems, and lives on a very limited income but she is faithful in serving the Lord in whatever way she can. Her love for God and for His Word is evident in every conversation you have with her. She is nearly finished reading through the Bible for the 3rd time this year! She showed my mom and me something new that she saw her last time through that she said just “thrilled my soul”. She frequently talks about the Lord’s return and said “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I was sitting here reading my Bible when I hear the shout!”.

Not only does Mary pray and encourage anyone who comes by her apartment, but she is trying to get a church started in her small town! She was moved to some senior housing 25 miles from the town where we attended church together before I left for Ukraine. This small town does not have a Bible teaching church. So Mary contacted a church planting ministry about the needs in her town and has been faithfully praying for God to send people to start a church. She also faithfully witnesses to her cleaning lady, those who deliver meals on wheels, and anyone else who happens by her apartment. I am sure that if there is a church planted in her town she will have a list of friends to invite to the services.

I consider myself very blessed to be on Mary’s prayer list. I also consider myself very blessed to have a number of other faithful prayer warriors much like Mary. There is much that I can learn from them. I have to ask myself – am I as faithful as I should be in prayer? If the Lord tarries and Mary’s generation is no longer with us, will we still have faithful prayer warriors?