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Drive Time

Holly Friesen on March 19, 2013

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My life over the last several months has included a fair amount of travel. Sometimes the next stop is just 1-2 hours down the road. Some days I have to travel 3-4, 6-7, or even as many as 10 hours. How do I feel about all this time in my car? I will admit there are times where the day gets long, I get the urge to get out and run, or I just feel weary. But, overall, I would have to say that I have found my hours spent in the car to be quite enjoyable.



I have certainly enjoyed some amazing scenery as I have travelled through the Black Hills of South Dakota, along the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Colorado, and into the beauty of the wide open spaces in Montana. I love to listen to music and to sing as I travel and these scenes certainly do inspire praise to my Creator!



Which leads to another reason I enjoy my time on the road – it gives me precious time to spend in uninterrupted worship and prayer. I can sing and pray out loud without bothering anyone else and I am removed from the distractions of my computer and to do list. Often my route takes me to areas where I do not even have enough cell phone reception to make that a distraction. Life can get so hectic that I have determined to treasure my hours on the road and the chance that it gives me to slow down and spend time in communion with my God.

black hills


I also enjoy listening to books, sermons, or podcasts. I am currently listening to a series by Nancy Leigh DeMoss of Revive our Hearts Ministries entitled “How to Fall & Stay in Love with Jesus”  I would highly recommend her radio program/podcasts if you are looking for some challenging listening; and this series is especially good!

When I do have cell phone reception I also enjoy plugging in my hands free device and chatting with family and friends on the phone. It is nice to be in the same time zone or no further than 1-2 time zones away from people I like to call.

What do you like to do during long drives? Any other suggestions on how to use my hours on the road?