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Holly Friesen on February 1, 2013


Life since I arrived back in the USA…
Initially there was the extreme fatigue of jet lag accompanied by the extreme joy of being with those loved ones most precious to me. Even though I was able to maintain contact through phone calls and e-mails, there is nothing quite like being able to sit face to face and talk, and talk, and talk…
There were those fun times of just sitting around reminiscing and playing games with siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles during the holidays. Getting to know all the new additions to the family – the ones that married in and the ones that were born. Discussing theology with Dad over coffee in the early morning before the rest of the house is stirring. Eating Grandma’s jelly rolls and raison puffs and enjoying all the holiday goodies that the aunts and mom prepared. Missing the family members that could not make it home for the holidays.
There were other bittersweet moments. Visiting a great aunt during her last days on earth and then attending her funeral. Learning things about her early life that I never knew and being filled with gratitude for a godly heritage that reaches back centuries in our family tree.
One on one time with my Grandma – hearing more about her childhood and how she met my Grandpa. Hearing Grandma pray and watching her read her Bible every morning.
Trying to put together with words and pictures a glimpse of my life the past 3 years to share with others. Being reminded again of the many answers to prayer, God’s amazing faithfulness, and the wonderful privilege of serving him. Missing my friends back in Ukraine!
Beginning to share with churches & other groups – being encouraged by their excitement over what God is doing. Blessed to have so many people tell me that they have been reading my updates and faithfully praying for me.
Being spoiled by my aunt and having fun with my cousins. Good food, shopping trips, & basketball games. 
Spending time with friends, catching up on all that has transpired in our lives over the last 3 years. Excited beyond words to hear of people who have come to Christ that we have prayed for a long time. The joy of seeing spiritual growth in friends – the pain of hearing about their struggles. Challenged to pray more faithfully for my friends.
Being “home” and yet at times missing my other “home”. Being with family & long time friends and yet still living out of a suitcase. Enjoying special reunions and yet at times being travel weary.
This has been my life for the past month & a half. Preparing for many more miles, reunions, and opportunities to share stories of God’s faithfulness.