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548 babies being killed every day!

Holly Friesen on November 20, 2012


Every year there are 200,000 abortions in Ukraine which means 548 babies being killed every day
In Eastern Europe, for every 1000 women ages 15-44, there are 43 abortions. This is in comparison to 18 for the average in North America and 28 for the world average.
For every 100 live births in Ukraine there are 49 abortions.
This is actually significantly less than the rate of abortion during the former Soviet Union and the years following its collapse. In the years proceeding 2001 there were actually more abortions reported than live births. 
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This past Saturday we invited women’s ministry leaders from Baptist churches all over Odessa to come and learn more about the developing pro-life ministry “Choose Life”; and specifically about the ministry to women post abortion. We shared some of these statistics with them as well as our plans for opening a pregnancy care center in the spring of 2014 and the need we will have for volunteers.
But these statistics don’t just speak of murdered babies. They also speak of women who were deceived by the lie that abortion is ok, and who now live with the physical and emotional consequences. Several of our ladies who have gone through the Forgiven & Set Free Bible study themselves and are now involved in leading groups shared their testimonies at our meeting. 
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One lady shared how a botched abortion as a teenager left her unable to have more children. When she was saved and preparing for baptism she was bothered by the fact that she had aborted her baby and talked to her pastor about it. He assured her of God’s forgiveness, but it wasn’t until she completed the Forgiven & Set Free Bible study that she was able to truly grasp and appropriate her forgiveness and freedom in Christ. She said she went home a different person. She is now leading her second group through the study and feels like God has called her to this special ministry.
Another lady shared how she had been saved for years but did not realize the ways her abortion was still impacting her life. During the study she realized that she had been angry at her husband for years because he did not care whether she had an abortion or not and left the decision up to her. She was also angry at the doctors who did not inform her about all the risks. She had one child before her abortion. After her abortion she had a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy but was never able to deliver another child. When God revealed to her the sin of anger and bitterness that she was carrying around, she was able to confess her sin and experience true freedom in Christ. She is now leading a group and says that the Lord continues to teach her through the study as she prepares to lead her group. She said the Lord recently convicted her about the fact that before she was saved, she had helped her niece set up the appointment for an abortion. She went and apologized to that niece for the part she had in her abortion. 


We have over 20 ladies who have completed the study, 9 ladies currently going through the study, and 7 ladies who have completed leader training and are currently involved in some way in leading one of these studies. We have printed up a brochure about the post abortion ministry that we hope will be handed out in all the Baptist churches in Odessa during the month of December. There were at least 12 churches represented by the ladies who came on Saturday to hear about the ministry. Miriam will also be sharing with a group of Odessa pastors on Wednesday the 21st and making sure they have brochures for their churches.

Pray that as we spread the word about this ministry, those in need of forgiveness and freedom in Christ will have the courage to contact us.
Pray that our new leaders will have wisdom in leading their groups and in helping us to develop this ministry.
Pray that God will continue to burden the hearts of pastors and other ministry leaders with the need to minister to those who have been impacted by abortion.