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From Wyoming to Ukraine

Holly Friesen on November 13, 2012

A friendship from a summer at camp, brought about the opportunity for me to share my ministry in a little church in Wyoming several years ago. That is where I met a Wyoming farmer and his wife and they joined my support team. That farmer read my prayer letters and was burdened to pray specifically for one of the Ukrainian pastors we work with who also farms in order to support his family.  But the chain of events does not end there…

makarova 13


This farmer decided to make a trip to Ukraine to meet Pastor Volodya and his family and to see how he could be more personally involved in their lives. I enjoyed taking him out to the village of Makarova and spending a couple of days out there. I learned lots of new words as I translated conversations about crops, planting, fertilizing, irrigating, and equipment. I was also blessed to translate testimonies of salvation and of what God has been teaching these farmers on both sides of the world. While there may be a vast difference in the size of their farms and the equipment they use, they both testified about learning to rely on God to supply rain and harvest; and watching God take care of them during those years when the rain and harvest did not come.
I believe the last chapter has not been written in this story. I don’t know exactly what God has in store for this relationship between a Wyoming farmer and a Ukrainian farmer/pastor, but I know He has a good plan. I also know that my heart was blessed by the time I spent with both of them and with Pastor Volodya’s family over the weekend. 
makarova 7 Sasha & his family

To top it all off, we had the great privilege of rejoicing with Pastor Volodya and Maya over the salvation of a young man in their village. His wife and parents have been faithful in the church for a number of years and have faithfully prayed for him. He and his family have been patients in our medical clinics and he has heard the gospel many times. What an amazing blessing it was to cry tears of joy with them as they welcomed this husband/son/ friend into the family of God!


Will you pray for the village of Makarova? Pray for Pastor Voloday, his wife Maya, and their children Sasha, Natasha, and Vitya.
Will you also pray for our new brother in Christ Sasha?