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Bass guitars & crafty moms

Holly Friesen on August 25, 2012

craft My attempt
What do a teenage boy bass guitar player and a craft class led by a young mom expecting her second child have in common?
Sergei & Olya are the young couple leading the youth ministry at my church (their second child is due within the month). They have been burdened to see our church do more to reach out to our community. Olya enjoys various handcrafts and Sergei is pretty artistic as well so they decided to offer free craft classes at our church on Wednesday evenings. 
Ilysha is the teenage boy who plays the bass guitar and helps run the sound system at our church. He wasn’t interested in coming to the craft class, but volunteered to hand out invitations on the streets in our community.
The first class took place this past Wednesday. I would not consider myself particularly “crafty”, but I actually enjoyed helping with the class. I helped Sergei & Olya with some of the preparations, set up, and clean up. In addition to a couple of other young ladies from the church we had a mother and daughter come who received one of Ilysha’s invitations. We had a good time getting to know each other as we attempted to produce something we could be proud of and they seemed to enjoy the evening. We were able to invite them to the next craft class as well as to church. Pray that they will come back and that we will have more opportunities to share the love of Christ with them.
Pray for Sergei & Olya as they lead the youth ministries. Pray that more people would come alongside them and that our church would be more effective in reaching out to the lost in our community. We will be kicking off the fall ministries with a prayer meeting next Saturday. Pray that our young people would be burdened to come and pray and that God will use this time to unite our hearts for effective ministry.