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Church Camp 2012

Holly Friesen on July 27, 2012

Thanks for your prayers for our church’s children’s camp. We had a sailing theme so I got to dress up like a pirate a couple of times! I did not get a lot of pictures on my camera, but I will try to get some more from my friends to share with you later.
camp6 A few of my girls & the other group leader
I enjoyed the chance to help with a group of 9-12 year olds. There were a couple in our group as well as several other kids and even a kitchen helper that made professions of salvation. Pray for God’s continued working in their hearts and for good follow up.
The kids from the orphanage did not end up getting to come. At the last minute the director asked for more paper work that we did not have time to get together. But we still had around 50 kids from the 2 churches, and most of them were from unsaved families. We also had several teenage boys that have recently graduated out of the children’s home that our church used to have a weekly Bible study at. Most of them end up getting into a lot of trouble after leaving the structure of the children’s home so this week of daily hearing from God’s Word and interacting with the counselors was critical for them. A couple of them made professions of salvation. Pray for God’s continued working in their lives and for our church to follow up well with them.
Aug 1-3 will be our first purity retreat and Aug 5-7 will be the second retreat. Pray for the final preparations and for the registrations to continue to come in. Pray for wisdom for the leaders and for God to work in the hearts of the girls.