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News from Holly July 2012

Holly Friesen on July 10, 2012

“ For You are my hope, O Lord God; You are my trust from my youth” Psalm 71:5
camp meetingcamp meetingIt is such a joy when young people place their hope & trust in the Lord  and choose to serve Him from their youth. Summer provides us with unique opportunities to minister to young people. The last several weeks have been full of meetings & preparations for camp ministry. Your prayers for our final preparations & for these weeks of outreach are greatly needed. My church is joining with another church to put on a CHILDREN’S CAMP July 18-25. In addition to our church kids we have invited children from two orphanages, so the majority of the kids will be unsaved. Pray for these children to understand the truth of the gospel & pray for the believing children to be good testimonies & to be challenged in their own walk with the Lord. Pray for wisdom & stamina for the leaders as we make final preparations & as we minister at camp. I will be the “camp nurse” as well as helping with music & assisting one of the group leaders.
We are also making final preparations for two  PURITY RETREATS Aug. 1-3 & 5-7 for teengirls with Carmen & Gina from Maxwell, NE. The name of the retreat is “Quest” (we decided to use the English since that appeals to the young people here). In addition to group sessions & small group times we will have a treasure hunt & other activities to emphasize the importance of following our guidebook “the Bible” in order to avoid pitfalls & to guard our purity as a precious treasure from God. God has brought together a good group of leaders from a number of local churches. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of our Ukrainian leaders and for Carmen & Gina as they lead the group sessions. Pray for God to give them wisdom in ministering to the girls that will be at the retreats. Pray for girls to register who’s hearts are prepared to receive the message & for all our final preparations to come together.
Please continue to pray for my VISA situation. I am planning a trip to Moldova Aug 9th to apply for a new visa. That is the last day I can be in the country without getting a new visa. We found out this week, when Dr. Miriam’s & my letters were not approved by the ministry of culture, that the laws regarding invitation letters were recently changed. Pray that we can get this worked out & get the letters that we need before our deadline for having to leave the country.
Thank you for your prayers in the coming weeks for the youth God has given us the opportunity to minister to. Your prayers are vital to the success of these outreaches!
Holly Friesen

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