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Celebrating Christmas Ukrainian style

Holly Friesen on January 13, 2012

Just to give you a closer look at some of the things that have been filling my time the last several weeks.

New Years Celebration at my church

I got in on the food prep and decorations which was actually half the fun. Enjoyed working with my friends!

Enjoyed the fireworks up close and personal!

Enjoyed great food, games, and fellowship! We had a service from 11pm-12pm. Prayed in the New Year, watched the fireworks, ate some yummy food, and enjoyed some games & skits. We started wrapping it up around 3:30am. By the time I helped with clean up and got back home it was about 5am! Thankfully our first church service of the year was in the evening on the 1st.

Christmas Eve Jan 6th

We had a full house for the debut of our Christmas play. I even managed to remember all my lines!
Afterwards we went caroling in the rain and handed out invitations for the kids program we had planned for Christmas Day.

Christmas in Ukraine Jan 7th

People generally give gifts to each other on New Years and are more likely to go to church on Christmas Day. So, we planned a special children’s outreach for Christmas Day. We performed our play again and had games, crafts, gifts, ect. The Sunday School ministry is fairly new in our church and averages about 5 kids. We had 20 kids for the outreach so we were pleased!

Christmas Caroling

We had so much fun caroling the first night that we decided to do it again after the kids outreach and just invite people to our church. The downtown apartments are usually built around a courtyard, so we would go into the courtyard and start singing. People would come out to listen and give us candy, fruit, and even money! They seemed to really enjoy it and I know at l least one person came to church as a result! 

I must say that I quite enjoyed celebrating New Years and Christmas here in Ukraine with my wonderful friends!

My friend Olya made a great angel for our play!My friend Olya made a great angel for our play!