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Holly Friesen on January 8, 2012

One of the things I love about Christmas is the gifts! Of course it is fun to receive gifts – especially when it is something you really wanted but would never buy for yourself, or when it is something particularly thoughtful or unexpected. But I especially love giving gifts! I get excited when I find that perfect gift that I know the person will love. Sometimes it is not so much the gift itself, but the opportunity the gift gives you to connect with someone and let them know you care about them. This year I made cinnamon rolls for my neighbors, for the ladies who watch the door of our building and clean the entryway and stairwells, and for some of my friends. I had some encouraging visits with friends as I made my deliveries. I enjoyed the looks of surprise and the smiles that I received from my neighbors and the ladies in my building. I am praying that the Lord would help me to find more ways to connect and interact with them so that I can share Christ with them. You can join me in praying for opportunities!

Today I was able to visit another friend with the purpose of taking her a small Christmas gift. We had considered meeting at a restaurant after church because the buses don’t run near her house. But, our church service went longer than usual (we go to different churches), so I told her not to wait and just walked out to her house after I got home. This gave me the opportunity to meet her unsaved husband and he sat down and visited with us for quite awhile. He was interested in knowing why I came to Ukraine and I was able to share with him how the Lord saved me and why I want to serve him. Isn’t it wonderful how God orchestrates the events of our lives in ways we never could have planned ourselves?! Pray for his salvation!

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!