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Christmas - just the beginning

Holly Friesen on January 4, 2012

Since Ukraine celebrates Christmas according to the Orthodox calendar on Jan7th, the celebration here doesn’t really start until closer to New Years. I like taking advantage of the fact that I am an American and enjoy the celebration all through December and then celebrate like a Ukrainian all through January! This year I invited our kid missionaries over again the weekend after Thanksgiving to help me decorate and I am still enjoying my beautiful tree.

Dec. 25th we had our regular Sunday service and then I spent the rest of the day hanging out with the Taylor family. They treat me like one of the bunch (sometimes that can be pretty interesting!).Josh & JoannaJosh & Joanna I love them all! We made pizza for supper and got a jump start on the Christmas dinner they hosted the following day for the rest of the team. They were kind enough to include me in their family gift time and we enjoyed a fun time of opening presents, reading the Christmas story, and singing Christmas Carol's.Jacky with her new scarf & beloved chocolatesJacky with her new scarf & beloved chocolates

Benji trying to get John's present - must be chocolate!Benji trying to get John's present - must be chocolate!We even got to visit with Jessica Taylor over skype which was a fun treat!

The Monday after Christmas I spent most of the day in the kitchen with Jacky – and at times some of the rest of the Taylor bunch - getting ready to host our team Christmas dinner. I was inspired by a bag of Andes chocolate mint chips that a friend sent me in a package and decided to attempt a cheesecake. I think it turned out quite well! We enjoyed some great food and fellowship around a delicious Christmas dinner. I am thankful for such a great team that I can enjoy celebrating with!

Stay tuned for more of my holiday story…that is just the beginning of the celebrating! I will try to post more pictures in the next few days.