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Forgiven & Set Free

Holly Friesen on December 12, 2011

When we think of Pro-Life ministry we most often think of saving the lives of the unborn – but how often do we consider the impact of abortion on the woman and her family? Many women suffer from a host of emotional difficulties including guilt, depression, anxiety, etc. after having an abortion. Or, they may have a sense of emptiness and absence of emotion. There is often damage to their relationships with their living children, spouses, and others. Even when these women come to Christ and accept His salvation and forgiveness, they often continue to struggle with their feelings of guilt, etc.

More than 80 people committed to pray daily this past week for a group of ladies working through a Bible study entitled “Forgiven & Set Free” designed to help women understand and embrace God’s forgiveness and cleansing post abortion. Carolyn Rice, missionary to the country of Georgia, came to lead the study. We had 7 women who walked through this study over the course of 5 days. They spent time in individual study as well as group discussion. They worked through 9 lessons entitled: “How do I know where I need healing?”, “The character of God”, Relief & Denial”, “Anger”, “The need to forgive”, “Depression”, “Forgiven & Set Free”, “Grieving the loss”, “Acceptance”. Each lesson was filled with scripture that they had to look up and apply.

It was truly beautiful to watch God work through His Holy Spirit and His Word. The grief in the room was palpable the first day as the women shared their stories and the impact abortion has had on their lives. My heart ached for each one! It was wonderful to see their growing excitement as they worked through the lessons on God’s character and how His Word applied to their specific heart needs. In the “Forgiven & Set Free” lesson they studied the truth that Christ truly did take on Himself ALL our sin and the wrath of God against it on the cross! He promises that if we believe & accept His forgiveness He remembers our sin no more! He buries it in the deepest sea – it is as far from Him as the east is from the west! The joy on their faces as they took to heart this lesson cannot be described with mere words!

God did an amazing work in the life of each lady that attended. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray for these ladies as the Lord brings them to your mind. Abortion impacts so many areas of a woman’s life and family and many of them still have things to work through in the months ahead. Pray that God would be able to complete His healing work in their lives and prepare them to minister to others. We already have a growing list of women who heard about the Bible study and would also like to go through it. Carolyn plans to return in the spring to do leadership training and go through the study with another group. Pray for God’s blessing on the development of this aspect of our ministry here in Odessa.