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Holly Friesen on October 31, 2011

If the saying is true that home is where the heart is, then I think it is impossible for me to only have one home! There is nothing quite like the sense of “home” that I get when I am with my parents and family, but there are certainly several other places where my heart feels “at home”. It was wonderful to be at my “home church” in Kansas this past month and to spend time with people I love and who have been part  of my life for a long time. I can’t think about places my heart feels “at home” without fond memories of my “home” in Lima, Peru. I certainly left a piece of my heart there and hope to someday be able to visit my dear friends there again. But, I also felt a sense of “arriving home” when I stepped into my church here in Odessa yesterday and was greeted warmly by my friends after being away. I am so thankful for the church family the Lord has blessed me with here and for the privilege of fellowshipping and serving together with them. Yesterday we had our harvest celebration. Throughout the months of September and October, the churches in Ukraine set aside a Sunday to give thanks to God. The ladies did a great job of decorating with food to symbolize the physical harvest that we are blessed with this time of year. They also created a special tree with pictures of all the members of our church to symbolize the harvest of souls and the fruit of sweet fellowship that we enjoy as a church family. We were challenged to be more faithful in sharing our faith so that next year we would have a greater harvest of souls to celebrate. It was a very special day!

So, back to the idea of home – having a home on more than one continent makes me more acutely aware of the reality that this world is not my home! What a wonderful day that will be when the body of Christ will all be around the throne praising our Savior together! That is when my heart will truly feel “home”.