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U can do it!

Holly Friesen on September 21, 2011

Ukraine can reach the lost! Ukraine can train church leaders! Ukraine can cross borders!

God preserved his church here in Ukraine during the years of oppression and persecution. In the years following Ukraine's independence there was an explosion of growth in new churches being planted and people coming to Christ. It was in those early years that ABWE missionaries were used of God to start the Church Ministries Institute (CMI). This ministry has continued to faithfully provide training for church leaders. The CMI is now on the verge of expansion and changes to allow them to be even more effective in ministry. This includes more focused training in evangelism and discipleship, expanding the reach of the theological education that the institute provides, and helping to prepare Ukrainians to cross borders and get involved in world missions. 

I want to invite you to subscribe to a newsletter that will be sent out once a month over the next 24 months to highlight different aspects of the ministry and opportunities for prayer and partnership. I think you will be excited and encouraged by what God is doing here in Ukraine!
To sign up click on this link http://cmieurasia.org/newsletter_en.htm.
While you are there you can also check out the CMI website to learn more about the ministry.
You can also click on the link below to watch a video presentation of the U Can Do It campaign by my co-worker and president of the CMI, John Taylor.