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I will build my church

Holly Friesen on September 12, 2011

There was great rejoicing my church yesterday as three people obeyed the Lord in giving public testimony to their faith through baptism.


~ A taxi driver who was searching for truth and who heard about Christ from one of his passengers (who happens to be a member of our church). His hunger to know God more, passion for the lost, and desire to serve are a challenge to us all.

~ A lady who is disabled and has spent a good part of her life in a nursing home. She was saved a number of years ago but never had the opportunity be baptized. She has a far reaching ministry of prayer and is a key part of our church’s ministry in the nursing home where she lives.

~ An 85 year old lady who was saved through our churches nursing home ministry and desired to give public testimony to her faith.

As I stood there on the sea shore with tears in my eyes and celebrated God’s power to transform a life, I was reminded of this phrase from Matt. 16:18 “…upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” On this day we also remembered the horrible tragedy that occurred in my home country 10 years ago. Our world is filled with turmoil, tragedy, and evil but our God is still in control! We can rest in the confidence that He has already defeated sin and death and His will cannot be thwarted! He will continue to transform lives and build His church until that day when He comes again to claim His bride! Maranatha!