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Sunshine-Grammar-Pizza-Kids :-)

Holly Friesen on July 23, 2011

During the hot, sunny days of July I have once again been focusing most of my energies on wrapping my mind around the complexities of the Russian language and attempting to get my brain to retain a bit more vocabulary. There have been, however, some lighter, more enjoyable moments that I thought I would share.

Having friends over to help me make and consume home-made pizza!

Spending a day with a team that came from Colorado to minister in orphanages and nursing homes! 

They had prepared a short play that gave an excellent gospel presentation and were able to give out children’s Bibles to all the kids.While recent changes in the laws have made it more difficult to get in to these homes, their visit was used to open doors for continued ministry in the future in additional homes. But- we need PEOPLE! Pray that God will burden the hearts of people within our churches in the Odessa region to continue this outreach.