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Samaria & Beyond!

Holly Friesen on July 6, 2011

Our last clinic day for the month of June we were joined by a group of young people from one of the churches here in Odessa. These young people were starting out on a several week missions trip. They will be in several areas in Ukraine and even in to Russia. They will be helping with evangelistic outreaches, children’s ministries, and sometimes assisting churches & villages with work projects. They provided music and an evangelistic message to start out our clinic day and then hung around all morning to visit with our patients as they waited and played more music for them. Our patients really enjoyed them! This is a village that does not yet have a church or regular meetings and only has a few believers. These young people made an impression! I know they would appreciate your prayers for them as they continue on with their ministry in the next several weeks.

Along that theme – this past Sunday we had a couple of special guests that shared about their ministries. A young man from Turkistan shared about the ministry of his small church. He told us – if you ever are unhappy that you live in Ukraine you should come and visit us. The majority of the homes there do not have any heat or running water and there is only electricity for a few hours a day. It is strongly Muslim and it is an extreme act of courage for people to even come to the church. The people in this church give sacrificially of their resources to minister to street kids and to reach out to their neighbors. Much of their ministry is centered around meeting with individuals in their homes because of their fear of being identified with the Christians. However, he said there are many people searching for the truth. The second man is a Ukrainian that was called to minister in Syria. He has been living there and working on learning Arabic and shared about the opportunities that he has already had to share Christ with people there who are hungry for the gospel. He is trusting the Lord to provide the funds for his family to return there to minister within the next few months.

God is stirring the hearts of Ukrainians to look beyond their borders and to consider their role in world missions. Pray that we would have wisdom in knowing how to fan this flame and assist the church in reaching out beyond their Samaria!