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Unexpected Blessing

Holly Friesen on July 5, 2011

Did you ever decide to do a “good deed” and find that you received far more than you gave? When we had to evacuate our camp in the middle of the rain storm, I took pity on a family of 8 that did not have a place to go and brought them back to my apartment.
This family came from northern Ukraine on the train so that their kids could attend camp and they could help with the program. They actually have 13 kids! …but, some of them were doing other things for the summer. They have several biological children and also take in orphaned and abandoned children as a part of a government program similar to foster care. Their love for each one of the children was very evident and it was a joy to watch them interact with each other and to spend time with them. For me it certainly helped to ease the disappointment of having camp brought to a premature end. We had fun times at the apartment playing games, watching movies, and doing crafts that some of the young people that came to help with camp brought over. We also spent some time at the beach and seeing the sights in Odessa.
I learned some things about how to cook normal- everyday food for a big family in Ukraine! J
Also enjoyed treating them to their first taste of brownie’s and baked oatmeal.
Not only does this family minister to the children God brings to them, but they are also very active in their church and in evangelistic outreaches to neighboring villages.Morning devotion timeMorning devotion time It was exciting to hear them talk about the various ministries they are involved in and how people are coming to Christ as a result of these ministries. They will be a part of a couple more camps yet this summer.

I was abundantly blessed by the opportunity to have them in my home!

6 kids + 2 parents + 1 American missionary + 2-5 guests for meals + 1 apartment = a jolly good time!!!! J